Who We Are

iQRenew is leading the way to ensure that valuable resources including soft plastics, rigid plastics, glass, paper and cardboard are recovered for re-use in new products as part of the pursuit of our vision of ‘regeneration for future generations’.

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a resilient and circular use of resources, for notoriously challenging material streams. iQRenew’s innovative use of technology means we can recover materials for use again and again to make new products and materials from recycled content to ultimately decouple growth from the use of virgin materials.

In line with our motto “Intelligent Australian Recycling”, commitment to building innovative local secondary materials processing capacity sets us apart and facilitates sustained growth in the type, quality and amount of resources that can be recovered from Australian households. For example, our Virtual Quarry recycles recovered glass from and crushes it into fine, clean sand for use in a range of high value applications.

iQRenew is ISO accredited in ISO9001-2015, ISO45001-2018 and ISO14001-2015.