Who we are, what we do

iQ Renew is an Australian recycler operating and investing in innovative resource recovery solutions. iQ Renew is uniquely positioned to harvest, sort, process and transform Australia’s recyclables into valuable, high quality feedstocks for use in the re-manufacture of new and innovative products. 

We are focused on finding the highest value solution for recovered resources, with a particular focus on glass, plastic and paper, as well as a commitment to addressing the challenges of emerging waste streams including coffee pods, textiles and hard to recycle plastics.

We are investing in the development of a large-scale value chain for soft plastics in Australia. We are:

  • investing into the development of a Soft Plastics Engineered Commodity Facility;
  • the first MRF to adopt CurbCycle’s Curby Program, providing a convenient way to recycle soft plastics from home using the existing yellow-lid bin; and
  • upgrading our MRF to sort and aggregate Curby recyclables at scale.

We are also an early adopter of CurbCycle’s Curby program, providing a convenient way to recycle soft plastics from home using the existing yellow-lid bin.

What is a MRF?

A MRF, or Material Recovery Facility, is a large and fast-paced factory where mixed recycling comes in to be sorted into its various recyclable streams – plastic, paper, glass, aluminium and steel. Some of the sorting is done by hand, but most is automated and done by machines. The end recyclable materials are then bailed and sent on for processing into new products.

At iQ Renew’s Central Coast MRF we sort 30 tonnes of recyclable waste per hour. This facility alone saves 105,000m3 of landfill a year as a result of recycling. This equates to 20,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases being reduced a year, the equivalent of removing 4,582 cars from the road.



Glass Recycling Innovation: iQ Renew Virtual Quarry

Our Virtual Quarry on the Central Coast recycles recovered glass from our MRF into crushed, clean sand for a range of high-value applications.

iQ Renew’s clean recycled glass sand can be used as civil sand, drainage medium, blasting abrasive, water filtration medium and in soil enhancement.