Primary Processed Recyclable Materials

Our Yellow Bin Products

At iQRenew, our advanced sorting and baling processes play a crucial role in consolidating various recyclable material streams. By compacting rigid plastics, paper, cardboard, and metals into bales, we ensure these resources are efficiently prepared for our partners, facilitating the transformation of these materials into new products and for reuse applications. 

Rigid Plastic: Includes easily recyclable items like milk bottles, water bottles, food containers, and other household plastics. We process 8,000 tonnes of rigid plastic every year. 

Paper and Cardboard: We process large volumes of paper and cardboard to produce high-grade feedstock, serving as a crucial resource for our offtake partners.

Aluminum and Metals: Aluminum is separated during the sorting process and is recycled locally to produce new beverage cans. Steel and other bulky metals are recovered and supplied to local merchants for repurposing.

Glass: Glass is separated at the MRF and then taken to our Virtual Quarry where it is crushed and made into different grades of glass sand. This glass sand is used in manufacturing and civil projects such as in road bases and construction projects. 

Soft plastics: For participating partner councils, we collect soft plastics in collaboration with CurbyIt. As part of this program, residents can recycle their household soft plastics by placing them in a sealed bag with a Curby QR tag, and putting in their yellow lid recycling bin. These bags are then separated out at the MRF and taken to our SPEC facility for further mechanical sorting and processing. This material then becomes a feedstock available for use in manufacturing products such as fence posts and other applications.  

Our MRF is propelled by innovation and continuous improvement to recover as much valuable material as possible. We are constantly trialing and testing new innovations and always focusing on challenging material streams.

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