About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a resilient and circular use of resources. In line with our motto, ‘Intelligent Australian Recycling,’ we employ innovative technology to continuously recover materials to enable their reuse in manufacturing and other applications. We are committed to reducing our reliance on virgin materials and achieving circularity in Australia. 

In addition to traditional recycling streams such as paper, cardboard, metals and rigid plastics, we focus on material streams that are notoriously difficult to recycle, such as soft plastics and glass. We have recently built Our Circular Recycling and Manufacturing Hub in Kundle Kundle, near Taree to process soft plastic material and we turn glass back into sand at our Virtual Quarry in Wyong on the NSW Central Coast.  

We are dedicated to expanding processing capacity for primary and secondary materials to create local industries, create local jobs and create solutions for our waste challenges.

Our Values

At iQRenew, our values underpin and guide everything we do. Our values, identified by our team are:


At the core of every decision and action.


Focused on challenging resource streams and robust solutions.


Across industries, communities and governments.


An uncompromising commitment to our people and everyone we work with.

Our Story

iQRenew is an Australia owned recycling and resource recovery company founded in 2017 by Danial (Danny) Gallagher. As a seasoned consultant, Danny found himself in China just before the China Sword Crisis—a pivotal moment that exposed global vulnerabilities in waste management and recycling systems. This experience was an eye-opener, revealing that the Australian market was woefully unprepared to handle and recycle problematic waste streams effectively. Determined to make a difference, Danny returned to Australia with a clear vision. His goal was simple yet profound: to convert what others saw as ‘waste’ into valuable resources.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Danny is a dedicated father of four. His personal mantra of leaving the world in a better place for future generations guides his actions. This ethos permeates our company’s culture and operations, driving us to seek smarter, more sustainable ways to manage our planet’s finite resources.

iQRenew is ISO accredited in: ISO9001-2015, ISO14001-2015 and ISO45001-2018.

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