Soft Plastics Engineered Commodity (SPEC) Facility

Processing Our Soft Plastics

iQRenew has built Australia’s first purpose-built site dedicated to processing soft plastics.  Located near Taree on the NSW Mid-Coast, the  facility stands at the forefront of addressing Australia’s challenge of recycling soft plastics.  

SPEC facilitates our mission to transform hard-to-recycle soft plastics into high-quality feedstock available for reuse in manufacturing and other applications.

Advanced Processing Technology

At our SPEC facility, soft plastics are meticulously sorted by polymer type and colour using innovative technology. This precision sorting enhances the recycling quality by separating materials and removing undesirable materials. This process is the missing link for soft plastic recycling as it ensures materials recovered are of a high standard, making them suitable for both mechanical and advanced recycling technologies.

Turning Waste Into Resources

Once mechanically sorted at our SPEC facility the material is then available to our offtake partners to be made into new products or other applications. We’re currently testing extrusion capabilities to make recycled resin pellets. 

iQRenew is actively seeking to collaborate with manufacturing partners to expand the range of end market products made from our soft plastic materials to continue the growth and expansion of this sector.

Learn more about our Soft Plastics Feedstock.