Glass Sand

Our Glass Sand Products

Our manufactured glass sand serves as a high-quality, cost-efficient substitute for natural sand and can be used in a variety of civil and construction applications.

iQRenew’s recycled glass sand is available in five grades—Coarse, Medium, Fine, Superfine, and Moondust. Each grade of glass sand offers unique benefits and properties akin to natural sand. In addition, our s is produced to meet stringent standards including the NSW EPA Recovered Glass Sand Order and Sand Exemption 2014, Brisbane TMR specification MRTS36, and RMS specifications for road use. We rigorously test each batch to ensure consistent quality and performance. 

Understanding that each project has unique needs, our Virtual Quarry offers the flexibility to tailor glass sand to specific partner 
requirements.  Whether for large-scale civil projects or bespoke applications, our facility can adjust processing parameters to meet customer requirements. 

Recycled glass sand contributes to local job creation, reduces landfill impact, conserves energy, and decreases reliance on natural resources. Highlighting its sustainability, our glass sand is infinitely recyclable, embodying iQRenew’s commitment to a circular economy. 

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