iQRenew is committed to accelerating the transition to a resilient and circular use of plastic material in Australia. We focus on hard-to-recycle materials such as soft plastics, and are investing in infrastructure to promote innovation and collaboration throughout the entire soft plastics supply chain.

Curby – Kerbside Soft Plastics Recycling

iQRenew is a proud supporter and early adopter of Curby, the kerbside soft plastic recycling program. The Curby program helps Councils and residents divert soft plastics from landfill, by providing an easy and convenient way to recycle soft plastics. Participating councils and residents can recycle their household soft plastics by placing them in a sealed bag with a Curby QR tag, and placing it in their existing yellow lid recycling bin. Once received at the SMRF, the material is then sent to processing partners to be made into new products such as fence posts, road bases, pellets for new packaging and a range of other uses. Curby is turning what was once considered waste, into a valuable and recyclable resource.

Remade Resins

Remade Resins is a soft plastic recycling facility in Kundle Kundle, near Taree on the NSW mid-north coast. This facility receives soft plastic, such as shrink-wrap and pallet wrap from supermarkets, retailers and warehouses. The material is then cleaned, flaked, washed and extruded into LDPE recycled resin pellets. These pellets can be used to manufacture new plastic products.

Remade Resins is playing a significant role in driving the circular economy for soft plastics in Australia.

Our Value Chain for Post Consumer Soft Plastics