Secondary Processing

Moving forward, iQ Renew will develop further secondary processing facilities for its recyclable material, extracting even more value from resource recovery.

These secondary sorting facilities will:

  • Sort Plastics into:
    • Recyclable plastics (PET/HDPE) flaked feedstock, that may be used by domestic and global manufactures;
    • Residual plastics converted into fuels and chemicals;
  • Sort Glass into:
    • Large particle washed and optically colour separated for down stream manufacturing;
    • Washed and crushed into construction grade sand;
  • Sort Paper and cardboard into high grade feedstock for international and domestic manufacturers.
MRF Output Up until now Issues iQ Renew Solution
Recyclable plastic Baled and shipped to China. Now banned. Adding plastic flake capability to MRFs – can be used by domestic and global manufacturers.
Residual plastic (non-recyclable) Currently landfilled or stockpiled. Now banned. Utilising Cat-HTR technology (exclusive Australian licence) to chemically convert residual plastics into fuels and chemicals.
Glass Stockpiled. Cheap imported glass has driven down prices. Adding optical sorting and crushing facilities for glass at MRFs. Results in high value glass
and crushed feedstock for construction sand.
Paper and cardboard Baled and shipped to China. China imposed restrictions on the quality they will allow. Additional sorting results in high grade feedstock for local and domestic manufacturers.