Manufactured glass sand made from 100% recovered glass

iQRenew has built a purpose fit ‘Virtual Quarry’ in Wyong, NSW. The state-of-the-art facility processes glass, of all colours, collected through Council kerbside recycling.

Key features of the Virtual Quarry manufacturing process include:

  • Air separation process to remove light contaminants and reduce odours
  • Comprehensive wash and clean system to remove residual sugars and remaining contaminants
  • Vertical shaft impactor used to crush glass through velocity ‘sand on sand’ processing to produce rounded particles
  • In-built rotary drying process to ensure less than 1% moisture content
  • Precision figure-eight screening sieve for product grading and quality control
  • Production of five different grades of recycled manufactured glass sand products: Coarse, Medium, Fine, Superfine and Moondust

To date, iQRenew’s Virtual Quarry has processed and beneficially reused over 200,000 tonnes of recovered glass, to produce a high-quality manufactured aggregate sand substitute for application in a range of civil and construction uses. 

The Opportunity

Australians recycle almost one million tonnes of glass every year, meaning around 3.8 billion glass products are diverted from landfill, to be recycled annually. The benefits of iQRenew’s crushed glass sand are:

  • High quality product with similar properties to natural sand
  • Locally produced, Australian made product
  • Cost efficient substitute
  • Safe amorphous silica
  • Local job creation
  • Reducing impact of landfill
  • Energy efficient refining process
  • Less reliance on natural resources
  • Less carbon emissions
  • Infinitely recyclable.

Product Summary

iQRenew’s recycled glass sand is manufactured into five different grades: Coarse, Medium, Fine, Superfine and Moondust.

Standards and testing

  • Made in accordance with the NSW EPA Recovered Glass Sand Order and Sand Exemption 2014
  • Brisbane TMR specification MRTS36
  • Made in accordance with RMS specifications for road use
  • Each batch run per product is sieve tested and recorded per our internal test procedures.


To request a quote please email info@ with product specifications and quantities required.

We currently dispatch in 15kg, 20kg, 1000kg bags and bulk tipper loads.


Contaminated glass sorted, cleaned and transformed into 100% recycled glass sand.