Glass Innovation

Manufactured glass sand made from 100% recovered glass

Glass recycling is currently in crisis. Cheap imported glass alongside the closure of local recycled glass plants has resulted in large stockpiles of glass in Australia.

iQ Renew’s Virtual Quarry innovation has created a range of recycling solutions for glass, as local solutions for glass collected kerbside are desperately needed.

By crushing and washing glass into a clean recycled manufactured sand product, iQ Renew is providing new and sustainable products for a wide range of applications.

iQ Renew’s Virtual Quarry, the largest of its kind in Australia, when fully commissioned will be crushing 110,000 tonnes of recovered glass per annum, making it capable of processing 50% of the recovered glass in NSW.

The recovered glass sand is now double washed and free of all contamination – a direct substitute for natural sand from 100% recycled products, not natural resources.

Contaminated glass from MRF transformed into clean recycled glass sand