Cat-HTR™ Technology

Breakthrough chemical recycling solution giving End-of-Life Plastic a new life

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish1

The Cat-HTR™ platform helps divert plastic, otherwise sent to landfill, from landfill, incineration and the natural environment. In the process, the process creates valuable new products from plastic waste.

Using water under high temperature and pressure, the patented Cat-HTR™ platform chemically recycles a previously unrecyclable plastic stream.

This complements our physical recycling operations – meaning a significantly greater percentage of plastic sent to iQ Renew MRFs will actually be recycled.

What is chemical recycling?

Using water at near or supercritical temperatures, the Cat-HTR™ transforms plastic at a chemical level back to the oil from which it originally came.

This recycled oil is a direct substitute for fossil oil, reducing the demand for natural resources and creating transforming waste plastic into a truly circular resource.

EOL plastic to plasticrude

The Cat-HTR™ chemically recycles waste plastic through a process known as hydrothermal upgrading. With over $75M invested over 10 years of development, the Cat-HTR™ is the only platform of its kind proven at large pilot scale and now commercial ready.

Cat-HTR™ for End-of-Life Plastic exclusive to iQ Renew in ANZ

Invented in Australia by Licella™, the groundbreaking Cat-HTR™ platform is proven to chemically recycle End-of-Life Plastic into a sustainable fossil oil alternative, which can be used to create fuels, chemicals and new plastics.

From waste to resource: The circular economy of Cat-HTR™

By producing a recycled oil from waste plastic, we are helping offset the need to produce new plastic from virgin fossil crude oil. Previously unrecyclable plastic (such as plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic meat trays and plastic film) can become a circular resource that can be used over and over again.

Plus we can produce valuable new products with a unique selling point for companies with resource efficiency targets.

Pioneering Australian innovation

Our work with End-of-Life plastic is supported by an Australian government A$1M Accelerating Commercialisation grant. Licella’s large pilot plant has already successfully converted a high concentration of End-of-Life Plastic to oil, and Licella™ continue to work with iQRenew to refine this process.

Find out more about Licella here


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