Product Specs – Glass Sand

iQ Renew’s process of double washing glass sand into engineered silica is leading to a world of wide range of valuable and sustainable applications for recovered glass.

An almost infinite amount of particle sizing can be made from the recovered glass; from coarse to very fine micron sizes, meaning iQ Renew can mix and match particle glass sand sizes to ideally suit specific applications.

Washed recovered glass sand
Recycled glass sand from iQ Renew’s Virtual Quarry in Wyong, NSW

Benefits of using recycled glass sand:

  • Saves glass from landfill, increases recycling of glass and supports the circular economy;
  • Recycled content;
  • Environmentally safe;
  • Safer than natural sand – non hazardous;
  • Made in accordance with the NSW EPA Recovered Glass Sand Order 2014;
  • Made in accordance with RMS specifications for road use;
  • Tested on a rigorous inspection and testing plan.

Coarse Sand

Fine Sand

<5 mm Sand Blend