Meet Vicki Sherwood, our new COO. Well-travelled engineer extraordinaire.

Meet Vicki Sherwood, our new COO. Well-travelled engineer extraordinaire.

iQRenew is delighted, and very excited, to announce the appointment of our new Chief Operating Officer, Victoria Sherwood. As our new COO, Victoria joining our team represents the beginning of the next phase in our journey, building on the brilliant work we’ve done so far to lead us forward in an accelerated growth phase across the country.

Victoria comes to iQRenew having achieved this mission, with incredible success, for some of the most recognisable Australian and multinational brands. From her time as an engineer and an accountant redesigning Mercedes Benz in Europe, to being part of a team that leveraged personal experiences from the supremely successful Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest’s Fortescue Metals Group to deliver a number of large scale infrastructure and mining operations across West Africa in record time frames. Victoria’s resume tells the story of a consummate professional, driven by a huge desire to help organisations take their next essential growing steps, quickly, without compromising safety, quality or cost perspectives. 

So, the first question has to be, why choose iQRenew?

“Oh this was an easy choice,” beams Vicki. “People, teamwork and values. Without doubt iQRenew has built one of the best teams I’ve ever come across, let alone had the privilege to work with.  What an incredible culmination of unique individuals, brought together by an unwavering alignment in uncompromisable values, and a determination to connect with our communities with real purpose.

“And I love the culture of collaboration and accountability that flows through the iQRenew team, as well as their appreciation that to be successful, we need to continue this right across the extended value chain. I strongly believe that the key to success in today’s modern world is working together, recognising that no one part of the business or value chain can afford to be arrogant enough to only care about themselves. To realise the greatest possible results in achieving our own organisation’s goals, we need to care about the goals and wider interests of those around us. The iQRenew team gets that, and I just know we’re going to do wonderful things together.”

Vicki’s deep passion for sustainability, sharp insight, and supremely informed positivity is intoxicating, never more so than when she’s talking about her vision for the future of iQRenew.

“Danny, Liz and the team have created incredible potential and many options with which to move confidently forward into the future, by focussing on solving the hard problems that other organisations put in the too-hard basket. It’s sad for Australia that as a nation we’re way behind on the recycling path, but for iQRenew this situation presents an enormous opportunity, not just to grow fast into steady-state commercialisation, unlocking the potential to leapfrog and lead the world in what we do here in Australia.

“Because, thankfully, things are changing in Australia. Public opinion has reached critical mass and legislative levers are being pulled by governments, which are quickly closing off the easy-yet-bad options like shipping waste overseas and domestic landfill. Soon businesses simply won’t have such options available to them, they will be forced to turn to higher-value opportunities, and iQRenew is there ready and waiting to help them, with technology which has already been proven in more developed circular economies overseas.

“And it’s perfect timing for iQRenew to make this move towards accelerated growth. Both Federal and State governments want to give grants to speed up soft plastic recycling infrastructure. Regional councils are already asking us for help redesigning their operational footprint. And we’re already working on the materials that the business community will focus on next once soft plastic solutions are in place, such as textiles. Given the hard yards and great work we’ve already done, there is every reason why iQRenew should be the one which is there ready and waiting with the perfect match of technology, capability and scalability to partner with Australian and global businesses on their journey deeper into the circular economy, moving away from burying and burning, with a non-negotiable commitment to increasing the true value of recycled materials.

“The only thing stopping iQRenew becoming Australia’s leader in solving the world’s problems is constraining our own thinking and vision. And it’s my job to help ensure the way we operate is not limited by perceived barriers to what we can do and how far we can go. I believe very strongly that our leading-edge processing of recyclables back into the circular economy is the key to kick-starting modern manufacturing in Australia, and I can’t tell you how honoured I am to play a part in breathing life and large-scale commercial reality into the iQRenew legacy.

With such a driven passion for the environment worn so clearly on her sleeve, it’s perhaps no surprise that it was the Great Barrier Reef that first brought this English rose to Australian shores. 

“Oh, I’m a total mermaid,” says Vicki proudly. “Swimming, scuba, snorkelling, you name it. If there’s water involved, I’m there with bells on. In a life that didn’t quite turn out to be what I thought, water is a wonderful constant. That said, I do truly love where I’ve landed. It’s all about choosing your attitude, making the most of the cards you’re dealt, and doing something purposeful with the knowledge that every day is a gift.”

So, was it the Great Barrier Reef’s eco-plight that brought Vicki on a journey from redesigning high-end cars to saving the world with leading-edge sustainability technology?

“Well, yes,” replies Vicki with a hesitant smile. “But saving the world is pretty bloody fun, too.”


Vicki Sherwood starts her role as iQRenew’s COO on 10th August. If you’re in the area and want to pop-in to head office to say hi, we have a reliable tip that it’s not worth visiting her desk. She’s far more likely to be out and about, engaging with the team, checking out equipment, and discussing with stakeholders how we might be able to help them with something else tomorrow.