$13m recycling rescue package announced, SMH

$13m recycling rescue package announced, SMH

“The Victorian government is stepping in with a $13 million recycling-crisis rescue package – but it won’t be enough to stop councils hiking rates by up to 5 per cent, or stop recycling going to landfill…

The government will also set up a recycling industry taskforce to find a long-term solution.

Ms D’Ambrosio’s office confirmed that until such a solution is found, recycling will be stockpiled or dumped in landfill.

“This is about protecting jobs and ensuring Victorians have confidence to continue recycling,” the minister said in a statement.

The industry believes a long-term solution will probably require major government investment…

Options to solve the crisis

In the long-term, recyclers could seek funding from the government to invest in reducing contamination, as Polytrade is calling for…

Alternatively, the government could subsidise a local manufacturing industry to turn waste products into plastic, glass and cardboard.

“If you don’t invest in your own recycling industry, you’re always beholden to another country – and those countries may not always want to take our rubbish,” Mr Piper said.

The last option: sending Victoria’s plastic, paper and glass waste to landfill.”

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