Applications for glass sand

iQ Renew is working with partners in a range of industries, and with the support of Universities, to develop a range of amorphous silica products including the following uses.

Civil Construction: 3-5mm Coarse Sand

Free from crystalline silica, our recycled glass sand is a safer option than mined sands. Its smooth surface and angular shape characteristics provide unique benefits over sand alternatives and also makes it ideal as a drainage medium.

iQ Renew’s recycled glass sand being used in road trials by Lake Macquarie Council

Concrete and Asphalt (<2mm)

The application to concrete and asphalt of our washed glass sand has gone through rigorous testing since October 2018 with the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS).

Manufactured glass sand has inert and highly abrasive characteristics, providing a great alternative to other forms of aggregate.

The glass sand we offer can be used in the following RMS specifications:

  • R116 Complaint Asphalt
  • Spec R82 and R83 Complaint Concrete
  • Spec 3051 and R73 Spec 3154



Water Filtration

Our glass sand is being used successfully in storm-water filtration and reuse systems.

Courtesy of Star Water Group

Sand Blasting Media

iQ Renew is developing abrasive blasting media made from 100% recovered glass. It is the preferred abrasive medium for many applications.

Amorphous silica is a safer option for abrasive blasting applications. The angular profile makes it ideal for the removal of a wide range of coatings.

Soil Enhancement

iQ Renew has started to manufacture an engineered silica which is patent protected, unique and a world class plant nutrient. The company has a patent granted for Australia, New Zealand, the EU and South Africa. The product under development is an extremely potent form of silicon plant nutrient produced as a granule and as a liquid product.

Glass Innovation

Working with the University of NSW (UNSW) SMaRT Microfactory, our glass sand has been used in prototypes of designer wall and floor tiles, as well as for making custom furniture.

Pictured below is glass from our Virtual Quarry used alongside recycled coffee cups to make wall tiles and custom furniture.

Recycled glass from iQ Renew’s Virtual Quarry used alongside recycled coffee cups in tiles with UNSW SMaRT Microfactory

Coffee table and chairs made by recycled glass from iQ Renew’s Virtual Quarry used alongside recycled coffee cups by UNSW SMaRT Microfactory